Policy on Advertising

All advertisements posted on artitumis.com by myself or by others by way of comments do not come for free. I have no plans as of December 1, 2004 to have any kind of banner, popup, or text ads on the site that I place on the site.

If you wish to advertise in a comment, you may for a fee of five hundred (500) United States dollars. Advertising in comments is defined as any text, link, or image that promotes a website, good, or service. Fellow bloggers have the option of linking a post, not the homepage, of a blog free of charge as long as the post has a traceback or link to my article in their article. The linked article must also be on the topic of my article.

Permission is not required for posting an advertisement in a comment. By posting an advertisement in a comment, you agree to the terms of advertising. I will email the address provided by the poster of how and where to send payments. The poster also agrees to pay any legal fees that I may incur in obtaining payment of advertisements.

This poicly takes effect as of December, 1 2004 at 5 PM, Eastern time.

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