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Well, it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks last night that no one really knows what is about. We’ve been up and running for a couple of days and when we started, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with the site. That’s still the case, kind of, but I have narrowed it down just a little bit. “The categories for Final Jeopardy.”

Art: I’ll post my digital art that I’ve been working on. Slowly but surely I’ll add all the pieces I have and a few words about each.

Computers: What can I say? I love computers. I spend pretty much all day of everyday in front of a computer.

General: Just the babblings that don’t fit anywhere else.

Politics: I am a Republican. I will post Republican views. I will not be afraid to say what I think. Expect me to rant and rave about things here, especially about the liberal media conglomerates that just seem to really irk me. coughCBScough Be warned: this category is not here for debate. I will not fight with you on if President Bush is a bad president, I will not fight with you about how Sen. Kerry needs to lay off the tanning spray. I may take this category in a different direction at a later date, but for now leave the Bravo Sierra off. *Hint: I might even try to get a staff of some kind and we can really have fun with this. Not at this time because I’m just not up to it yet. ;) *

Now, many have asked, “What is artitumis?” Some of you know me, Marcus, as Artitumis on various MUDs, Live Journal, and Artitumis is a screen name/character name of sorts that I’ve been using for years. Only fits that it is the title of my site.

So there you have it. Once again welcome to I hope you enjoy your stay.

UPDATE: Maint category added for when I’m working on things. The site may or may not work when a Maint notice is stickied.

UPDATE: Blogs category added for when I talk about blog related things that don’t fall anywhere else. General category renamed to

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