Tomorrow is going to be rough: Boston wins!

It is almost 0120 and I am STILL up. *sigh* I am not even a Redsocks fan! But I guess I hate the Yankees so much I just want to see them loose. Its the bottom of the 12th and its tied at 4. I’ll update with the final score and the time I end up in bed.

UPDATE: BOSTON WINS! A two homerun off the bat of David Ortiz ends the game at five hours, two minutes. Folks, that is the longest in ALCS history. The final results: time is 0130 and I’m headed to bed.

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  1. Bryan Says:

    Go underdogs! I’m not sure their staff is going to be able to pull it through - it’ll take a miracle. I doubt they’ll win tomorrow. But, I’m only saying that in hopes they’ll prove me wrong. ;)

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