Oh my!

The Red Sox vs. Yankees game is real interesting tonight! What is with A Rod trying to swat the ball out Arroyo’s glove? That is just beyond shady. “Oh, I did it trying to run.” Yeah, right. He really thought he would get away with it? The look on his face when they called him out. Psh.

And the riot cops? I don’t blame the officals for calling them out. Baseballs flying in from the stands, fans getting all heated, it isn’t a good combination. And its New York. Just imagine if the Sox win.

And the Sox win! Grats to the Sox for doing what no other team in Major League history has ever done; forced a game 7 after being down by three games.

I was on the phone pretty much the entire 9th with Chris, a Boston native and Red Sox fan. I think I’ll throw together an interview with him tomorrow just for fun.

3 Responses to “Oh my!”

  1. Chris G. Says:

    Feel free to interview me too if you wish. I can also interview you as well.

    Your blog is now on my link list.

  2. Bryan Says:

    Wow, I don’t know what NY will look like if the Red Sox pull it off. But man, I’m hoping for them to win!

  3. Marcus Says:

    Got an email out to you, Chris.

    Oh no joke, Bryan! They come back down three games and win four straight? New York won’t be able to do anything but hang their head and just CRY!.

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