The Red Sox have made history by being the only team to ever be down 0-3 and come back to take 7 game series. David Ortiz was the star that made Game 7 possible and then handed it off to Johny Damon who had a grand slam in the second and a two run homerun later in the game. The rest of the game was all Sox. Final score: 10-3, Boston.

Right after the game was a nice ad from Nike. It starts in 1919 showing young boys watching the Sox in Fenway. Time goes on and the disappointment at season after season of falling short shows on their faces. The rolls 2004 and the old men smile like the six year olds in 1919. Great spot.

My hat goes off you, Boston Red Sox. You’ve done something no one expected and proved to all of us that “Why not us?” is not just a phrase.

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  1. Bryan Says:

    Well said! I enjoyed seeing them fight back.

  2. Chris' Corner Says:

    The Impossible Dream II
    So I had a restless night of sleep, as I kept thinking about the greatest victory in Boston Red Sox history (so far) and the upcoming World Series against someone (either St. Louis or Houston).

    I am willing to admit it. I had given up on this team …

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