Time to take back Falluja

Looks like the Marines are gearing up to launch an impressive campaign to take back Falluja. No surprise the U.N. doesn’t want it to happen.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.N. chief Kofi Annan warned against an all-out military offensive to capture the rebel-held Iraqi city of Falluja, which U.S. forces urged civilians to flee as they launched fresh air and artillery strikes on Friday.

More from Reuters.

Reporter Greg Palkot with Fox News is drawing some connections to WWII’s D-Day as Fox also reports that talks are not progressing.

More from Fox on Fallujah talks.
Greg Palkot’s Reporter’s Notebook: Waiting for D-Day.

It could be bloody on both sides if the talks break down and the Marines storm Fallujah. It could also be a big blow to the entire rebellion in Iraq when the Marines achieve the mission.

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