Sorry? I’m not!

The poor liberals are so sad that Bush won. The real sad part is this. I have my own way of responding.

8 Responses to “Sorry? I’m not!”

  1. Leanna Says:

    I’d post mine.. but.. no.

    You’re such an asshat, Marcus. Lucky for you you’re also adorable. *pinches your cheek*


  2. Marcus Says:

    Asshat? w00t! I could be mean and post yours that you sent me but that would be wrong to the shy one. *poke poke* And you are so much more adorable than I am. *pinches all four cheeks and hides*

  3. Rachel Says:

    Nice! That’ll show them.

  4. Leanna Says:

    *falls over* MARCUS! The upper cheeks are fine.. but keep your paws OFF my arse. *glares*

    And don’t you DARE post that one! You SO promised. *runs around in circles panicking like a madwoman* .. Anyways.. I know you wont. You wuv me way to much to make me fall over dead.

  5. Marcus Says:

    Rachel, yes yes. I had fun laughing at myself for it. It is rather amusing. *ponder* I have a plan. Head back over to the LJ community.

    Leanna, what? Was it not good for you?

  6. Leanna Says:

    NO, it wasn’t. Ugh..

  7. Dad Says:

    Is that a paper towel???

    Dude, procure yourself some real paper.

    Now, as for making a sign… how about one that sez “I’m sorry that 49% of you are whiny liberals.”

    An observation: All the people at have something in common… not a one of them has any balls.

  8. Marcus Says:

    HA! You are a nut. Yup, thats a paper towel. I had many other things I could write on here in the room but no real paper. I like my paper towel sign! You should send me a picute to add. Mom, too!

    No balls. Remember the Frog Bender? I know you do.

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