I’m Not Sorry

The liberals are angry that Bush won re-election and have taken it upon themselves to apologize on behalf of all Americans. Well, I’m not sorry. And neither are many Republicans. Here are our anti-apologies.

Would you like to add your anti-apology?

Basicly, don’t make the pic huge. 600×600 is a good size but can go over that slightly. All pictures must be in jpeg form (jpg or jpeg). You can convert them in Paint by just save as and change the file type. As they put it, “Nudity is welcomed, but will be placed behind a link. And profanity? Profanity is just part of life, kids.” Email the picture to marcus[at]artitumis[dot]com

4 More Years

I'm Not Sorry

8 Responses to “I’m Not Sorry”

  1. Frank Myers Says:

    Ummmm… 4 more years….. YEA BABY!!

    But it is already time to handicap 2008…



  2. Marcus Says:

    I really wish I could get RSS feeds off your blogs. You need to change hosts! Um. . .have you tried using any FTP? If you can use it, I might be able to set you up with a host and stuffs. I dunno. But anyway, I’m waiting for you to send me a picture to include!

    Look for an email from me, too. Got a question for ya.

  3. Dad Says:

    WooooHoooo!!! I’m famous!

  4. Marcus Says:

    Course you’re famous, dood. You’re my dad!

  5. Janelle Says:

    I”m not sorry. Bush won, proving he is the better candidate.:)

  6. Marcus Says:

    I’d love for you to send me a pic, too Janelle!

  7. Dad Says:

    I can just hear Kerry now (paraphrasing Kung Pow) “I am bleeding, making me the victor!”

    “I’m a man too, you know… I go pee-pee standing up.”

  8. Big Polack Says:

    I’m not sorry but I don’t have a picture. I heard a story on NPR this morning about the role the Kurds are playing in Iraq. The Iraqi Defense Ministry is asking the help of Kurd Special Forces to help security for the elections! I thought the Kurds were going to screw things up. God bless America.

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