Further thoughts

These are just my thoughts. There really isn’t any proof behind what I am thinking but it makes for an interesting read. Maybe I will write a book that follows this particular plot line or something.

Earlier in the week as I was reading about the Peterson case, a couple things started to stick out in my mind. The jury was reportedly in a dead lock with no sign of a verdict and it looked like they would be hung. Months of trial were about to be wasted along with the money the people of the state of California are paying in taxes to prosecute. Then a single juror was replaced for reportedly doing her own research on the case. There are hundreds of things that go into a murder trial like this and it is very important to only consider what was presented in the court room. Some things may have been thrown out and others may have just been untrue. The juror didn’t follow instructions so she was let go.

Then another was dismissed. It was then that the craziest thought popped into my head. The judge was dismissing those who couldn’t agree with the rest of the group on a verdict. Why else would there be a verdict so soon after the two jurors are replaced? Or perhaps they two replaced weren’t the hold outs, but the person or persons on the fence were afraid they would be dismissed. After all, the jurors will be able to get a lot of money for a tell all book and many interviews with the news media after this is all over and the gag order is removed.

Maybe the judge thought that Peterson was not guilty. Removing two jurors and then getting a verdict back so quickly could give grounds for an appeal on the grounds of misconduct. It would be a stretch, but stranger things have happened in the legal system, and it did take place in California where nothing is impossible. There is a Law and Order episode that has something like this. I can’t remember the exact details but it was a great episode and I remember at the end of it going, “Wow. That would be a cool book plot, too!”

Now the important thing isn’t my crazy ideas that are probably not true, but fun to think about anyway is the next phase in the trial. Peterson was found guilty of murder in the first and seconds degrees of Laci and Connor respectively and the conviction of first degree murder can carry the death penalty. Will Scott be put the death for the murder of Laci? I truly hope so.

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