MSM praises deserter

How in the hell can the MSM praise a deserter?

Marine Capt. Andrew Langlois, Hassoun’s former roommate at Camp Lejeune, was surprised by the desertion charge. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens,” he said Friday.

First, a Captain and a Corporal would not be roommates. That is a violation of the UCMJ called fraternization. Secondly, why would anyone be surprised at this? The corporal stole a hummer, a 9mm, and drove off. Wait to see what happens? He will be found guilty and then be sent to the brig.

“He was so surprised someone cared that much about him,” Brenda, who declined to give her last name, said in July. “I was so happy to see him. I was going to hug him no matter what anybody said. He’s a good guy with a good heart. He’s a good Marine.”

I don’t see how this seemingly random waitress could know so much about Hassoun. The newspaper is taking her word and publishing it in an attempt to make him look like something he isn’t. Good Marines don’t desert their post. Good Marines don’t steal a 9mm and a hummer. Good Marines don’t lie when they can’t hack it and try to desert.

The media immediately condemned the Lance Corporal who was doing his job back in November when he killed a wounded insurgent in a weapons cache mosque that could have killed the Marine and the rest of his fire team. Now they praise a deserter? You didn’t see quotes defending the Lance Corporal, did you? You didn’t, because they don’t exist.

The media needs to remember that they are Americans. Americans don’t condemn those protecting them and then praise someone who tried to desert.

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  1. Speed of Thought... Says:

    Marine no more
    Marcus says it better than I ever could. That is all.

    Update: I am sure you know this, but you should never piss off a Marine. Well the MSM is doing that to at least one and you should read it.

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