Will someone please tell me why

NMCI couldn’t get it right the first time? For those of you that aren’t sure what I am talking about, NMCI is taking over the network putting me out of a job. I’m not bitter at all. But back to the point.

We were supposed to be completely cut over two weeks ago, but because NMCI didn’t ensure the new machines made it to Camp Lejeune, we ended up having to reschedule about 19 machines for a later date. I really don’t mind that, but now the problem is the later date is this Friday. Joy. I am going to waste an entire Friday night sitting at work babysitting NMCI. They have to give the techs working enough hours for that night so they’ll bring about 6 people and it will take them the eight hour shift to finish. Just as a general idea of when I’ll get off work Friday, I didn’t leave until 3 am one night and 2:30 the next.

What a crappy way to spend a Friday night. As always, mission accomplishment comes first.

In other news that most of you don’t know, I am not really sure where on the Earth I will be in three months. II MEF is prepping for deployment as we speak. I am not assigned to any unit that is deploying right now, but that can always change. If I do get deployed, don’t be surprised if MilBlog entires is all you see for a bit.

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