Live Blogging: NMCI cut over

I haven’t been able to find a worthy event of living blogging (election doesn’t count. Anna was in town). I am thinking that the cut over might just be worthy. Why? Well, I have extra computers. I think. Hell, I don’t know. All I know is that it looks like I have more boxes sitting in the offices than I should. It should also be amusing because around 10 pm tonight, I’ll go insane. Yes, completely legally insane. The reason this will happen is simple and twofold. One, I’ll still be at work. Two, I’ll not be home. Yes, that is almost the same reason but not really.

I would post my military email, but then you have my last name and I am not sure I really like that idea right now. If I change my mind as the night goes on and I become insane, I’ll post it. I could just set up a forwarding email account but I can’t get into my cPanel from work. Blah. I might have to make a run to the barracks to do that. If I do, I’ll update. Let the live blogging begin.

Update: You can email marcuswork -at- artitumis -dot- com to reach me while I’m at work. I’ll answer emails as I can and if I feel comfy having my full name. Take no offense if you don’t get an email back.

4:35 - The other two from my office leave. I begin waiting on NMCI to show up. Barracks run begins.

4:55 - Get back to work. NMCI starts showing up and identifying machines that are cutting over.

5:15 - Realize that one office is lock and I don’t have the key. I even TOLD the Master Seargent that I was going to need her door unlocked tonight. Attempt to call battalion and get number for the MSgt. They can’t find the damn thing so we pull it from the system. NMCI starts working on the machines that are ready.

5:25 - Call MSgt and she is not anywhere close to base. Attempt to find the duty for the other side of the building (a different battalion) to see if they have the keys. The duty is off doing his job and the keys are with him. Joy. I decide I can just go through the ceiling and get in. SSgt (who didn’t leave like I thought he did) says no.

5:40 - Duty from Med Bn gets back and does have the key. “And they all rejoiced.”

5:50 - SSgt leaves after telling the other Marines on office watch to get the names of those in the office that don’t have NMCI accounts.

6:00 - Talk to the bosses for the NMCI folks here for a bit and then come to the office to update and change.

6:20 - Finish update.

7:17 - Food ordered! Everything is going pretty good so far. Nothing unexpected or crazy. I’m basicly walking around the building answering little questions and talking with the techs.

9:41 - Everything is still fine. We had a couple of bumbs that got taken care of before they became big problems so that is a plus. I ate and had cheese cake, too. I love cheese cake. But I digress. It is looking like everyone is going to finish up in the next hour or so. Nothing like the other nights when we didn’t leave here until two or three am. The reason this one is going so much faster than the two before it is they don’t have to format any of the computers and then install everything again. The computers that went in tonight are all laptops fresh from the Dell boxes. I’m definately ready to be out of here.

10:24 - The techs are done with the machines. All that is left is the paperwork. Offices are getting secured and the other Marines are heading out.

10:45 - All other Marines are gone. One net tech is left finishing paperwork and then we are gone.

11:00 - Okay, it isn’t 11 yet but that is when I’ll be gone. All the folks in the bulding are gone and it is off to the barracks for some relaxation. I’ll catch up on the events of the day and post mindless entries. Should be fun!

3 Responses to “Live Blogging: NMCI cut over”

  1. Scott B Says:

    Cool, now I have something to do tonight. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. Dang, I have no life. But hey, this will be fun to watch. **watching**

  2. Dad Says:

    “a worthy even of living blogging”

    What? I don’t understand any of this!

  3. Marcus Says:

    Blah. Left off the n of an and t in event.

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