Sheriff fires 27 on first day

And to think I used to live in nearby Cobb county.

Power goes to a person’s head, sometimes more quickly than others. The new sheriff of Clayton County, Georgia seems to be one of the former. Victor Hill celebrated his first day in office by firing 27 people, stationing snipers around the office and driving the fired officers home in prisoner transports.

Via Captain’s Quarters.

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  1. devldoglvr Says:

    I live in nearby Fayette County and my father has been with the Clayton County PD for over 20 years. I personally know most of the deputies who were fired for over 20 years myself and I am only 27. Their dismissal was vindictive, politically and racially motivated. Not only that, there was no just cause in the firings. Hill seems to believe that his operating the county sheriff department is up to him and that he answers to nobody. He failed to show for a County Commissioners meeting the day after the firings. HE knew damn well, that many, if not all of the deputies fired,as well as the employees from the police department would be there looking for some answers. He deployed SWAT to the roof top of the sheriff department as he degradingly fired and escorted the fired deputies home in a van used to transport prisoners. His only answers have been that he is trying to move the department into a new direction and feels that black officers need to replace the fired ones, to ensure integrity of the office. He has even had them stand watch at his home infear of being killed. No one has made death threats to him, but he is trying to gain sympathy somehow in effort to justify his stupidity. He was a Senator or Representative and unsuccessfully tried to pass a bill that would allow all crime scene investigation to be under the control of the Sheriff Department. Now I guess he figures that he is in office and will do things his way. I hope that he isrecalled and they can get someone in there that will do the job the way it is supposed to be done.

  2. Amen Hotep Says:

    Corrections, Hill was a GA State Representative and he attempted to have “all” law enforcement for Clayton county placed under one jurisdiction, that being the Sheriff Department of Clayton county.

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