The battle rages on

Power Line readers should all know about what is going on between the blog and Nick Coleman of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. If you are not up to date, some back reading at Power Line and (subscription) is in your future.

I read the column by Coleman and all I could think is that he is making this personal for some reason. Perhaps it is the fact that by blogging you can reach far more people in much less time than it takes working in print or video media makes Coleman feel uncomfortable. The discomfort is originated in the fact that the long days of MSM are numbered. More and more people are turning to blogs as their source of news and commentary each and everyday. I myself gave up traditional new sources (save Fox News when I just feel like watching some TV news) within the last five months.

Perhaps a completely different reason all together is behind Coleman’s dislike for blogs. Blogging is an undiscovered country. Estimates put the number of blogs in the millions, but it is still a new form of journalism that doesn’t follow the old rules of how to report or comment on news, politics, entertainment, and society. Among the millions of bloggers are a large number of very educated and intelligent people who now have an outlet for research and fact checking the MSM presents. Perhaps the fear of having bloggers verify every little thing the MSM reports has pushed him into his attack on Power Line and in effect, bloggers in general. How long will it be that the MSM is no longer so mainstream and everyone reads blogs?

In the end, it all comes down to Coleman attacking something he does not understand and fears.

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