And she signed

Captain’s Quarters reported Boxer signed the objection to the electoral vote count that is scheduled to begin in just under an hour and a half in Congress.

Barbara Boxer signed onto John Conyers’ challenge of the Ohio electors this morning, setting up a useless two-hour debate in both chambers on the election won by George Bush two months ago:

They had more to say and it is top notch comments on a sad situation.

What a waste of time and effort. Hand recounts and smearing Ohio’s Secretary of State and Chief Justice of their Supreme Court isn’t enough for the lunatics of the American Left. They want to hold Congress hostage for two hours in order to rant away at their abject failure to win an election in Ohio. Their excuse? Long lines and a lack of voting machines in predominantly Democratic counties — where the officials in charge of the election were Democrats! Just as in Florida, the Democrats blame the GOP for what they consider poorly-run elections, when Democrats themselves ran them.

Boxer, Conyers, and Harry Reid will get their debate — a two-hour marathon of smoke and bile which will change nothing, except their prestige and honor with the American electorate. They continue their Great March To The Fringe, now at double-time.

As I posted earlier, some good can come of this only if Congress tackles the issue that is the electoral college and the problems we face with the system. If they don’t, this will just amount to a big waste of time.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Hello? After what the Republicans and Jeb Bush did with the 2000 election, you didn’t expect this? Come on. At least they only held it up for 2 hours, not a whole month.

  2. Marcus Says:

    I can distinctly remember seeing video of Al Gore saying “Count every vote.” Both sides held up the 2000 election.

    You do realize I am only bitching about the hold up if election reform doesn’t come out of it, right? It doesn’t even have to be right away. It can be a year, two, three down the road. Just as long as we get some reform going on.

  3. Bob Says:

    Oh, I agree there. We definately need election reform. Screw this Electoral College crap. Majority vote, period.

    Oh, and follow Australia’s idea. Voting is manditory for EVERY citizen. We have over 300 million people in the US, and only 125 million voted? What kind of crap is that? In australia, they go to jail if they don’t vote.

    I realize that the Election Day would have to be extended, but why not make a 3 day holiday out of it?

  4. Marcus Says:

    LOL Three day holiday! I like the idea because of the holiday, but forcing every American to vote could be bad. A lot of Americans do not want to get involved in politics. By forcing them to, I can safely assume that many wouldn’t bother to understand the issues and we get a random vote. I don’t like that one bit. I know people do that anyway, but possibly millions more could cause some serious harm.

  5. Bob Says:

    I think it should be a law that you have to vote. Why not? If they don’t want to vote, they could always make some kind of filing of objector status available. Just like a concientious (sp?) objector in the military. That would work. The law would still work.

  6. Dad Says:

    A law to vote?

    While it is the responsible thing for every US citizen to do, let’s not overlook something here. Voting is your right. Making it law negates that right.

    Voting is a privilege. What should be law is making certain every citizen has the opportunity to vote, that each vote should be individually counted, and the Electoral College should be terminated.

    As far as percentages of the population that actually go to the trouble to vote… I’d far rather have an educated vote from 1/3 of the population that care about this country than a uneducated guess from the other 2/3 who don’t. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    W’04… I’m still not sorry.

  7. Big Al Says:

    I agree with his dad. I don’t want someone casting a vote because they have to. It is better to let the informed cast the ballots. Those who do vote, are usually motivated by knowledge (sp?) brought about by being informed.

  8. Dad Says:

    Conscientious objector… why does such a term even still exist in the US, with our all-volunteer military force?

    Did you hear about the Marine in NC that actually REINLISTED, and upon finding out he was destined for Iraq, suddenly decided to declare conscientious objector and wouldn’t pick up a gun? He did state that he would work clearing mines, but he didn’t want to carry a gun.

  9. Big Al Says:

    Thats simple. They don’t conscientiosly object to a steady paycheck, full medical benefits and post-service educational benefits. They simply object to having to perform their “military” function.

  10. Dad Says:


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