Deputies still not back at work

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill still hasn’t allowed the deputies he fired earlier this week to return to their jobs as ordered by Clayton Superior Court Judge Stephen Boswell. - Hill fired the workers during his first day in office Monday. He reinstated them a day later after Boswell granted Clayton Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell’s request for a restraining order. But after reinstating the workers, Hill placed them on administrative leave with pay — a move that Miller and Bell said is not county policy and goes against Boswell’s order.

“We’re in total compliance with the court order,” said Hill’s attorney, Evan Kaine. “Nothing has changed.”

Hill is completely out of line. He knows those deputies should not have been fired. I didn’t make this connection until tonight, but it should be a nice trip. - Sheriff Hill was among a spate of black candidates elected last year in the county, which was once dominated by rural whites. The fired employees included four of the highest-ranking officers, all of them white. Sheriff Hill told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that their replacements would be black.

Let’s break this down. A new black sheriff fires 27 white deputies and plans to replace them with black deputies. Where in the hell are all those who LOVE to scream racism?! It would have happened if a white sheriff had come into office, fired 27 black deputies, and then announced he planned to replace them with white deputies. I can just see the NAACP, the ACLU, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and who knows what other organizations blowing a gasket if that had been the case. The MSM would have a field day with this as well. It is utter hypocrisy.

I am never one to pull the race card, but I will when I see situations that would be plastered all over the media with some of the biggest moonbats in the history of the country at the helm if situations were reversed.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Lemme play Devil’s advocate here for a minute.

    This man was elected Sheriff. Now, previously, the man who was elected Sheriff was murdered by the man he was replacing, and several members of the department were in on it.

    Could this be racism? Very possibly. But could it also be a man who is in fear of his life removing a possible threat and replacing it with men he trusts? Also, very possibly.

    I’m not saying its true. It may be a severe episode of racism. But it also may not be. I think the truth is that its a little of both.

  2. Marcus Says:

    The killed sheriff you are speaking about was in DeKalb county, but I’ll take your Devil’s advocate.

    When stated he wanted to replace them with black deputies because he was afraid for his life, it was all a ruse, The real reason is affirmative-action. He even told the AJC this. I can’t provide a link because the AJC has archieved the story and you have to pay to view them.

  3. Bob Says:

    Ah, ok. My mistake.

    I’ll agree, it does smell to high heaven here. But when a company hires a new management team, doesn’t alot of the old group get canned? Having been the victim of this, I know from experience.

    But, it could be racism too. It works both ways.

  4. Tina Says:

    Well, the new update is that the depuuties have been “rehired” and put back to work. Well, sort of. They have all be demoted and put back to work as jailors. The deputies who were of high rankings, have been put back to work in the old jail. The kicker is that since guns are forbidden in the jail facility, they were not reissued to them. Hmm, quite convenient for Hill isnt it? He also called a press conference the other day to state that he is reinstatiing them because of the hardship of some of the officers whose children are suffering from cancer. Most of the officers did not return to work, b/c they were not formally notified of their reinstatment. Hill has only spoken “to” the officers via the media. When will he learn not add more egg on the face of the county than is neccessary?We will find out tomorrow what the real fate of these officers are, as their court date is tomorrow and a judge will decide whether or not their dismissal was legal.

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