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Spoons had a huge problem with one of the corporate giants not too long ago, but thankfully it was resolved. I, too, had an experience with one of America’s corporate giants today, but unlike Spoons, mine turned out great. I used the contact form on and sent them an email telling them how pleased I am. The email can be read in the extended section.

I think Best Buy should get some good press for being so awesome today. I humbly ask that you fellow bloggers pass along my praise. They didn’t have to let me use their work space free of charge on a very busy day but they did.

I had a wonderful experience today at a Best Buy store and would like to take the time to pass on my comments.

While on Christmas leave in Springfield, Missouri, I stopped in the Battlefield (Store 52) location and bought Half Life 2. After returning to North Carolina, I attempted to install the program, but was unable to due to a problem with the software. This was in no way Best Buy’s fault. After hours of researching possible solutions without having to make a forty-five minute drive from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Wilmington, North Carolina, I gave up. Returning the software was the only choice I had.

Before driving to the Wilmington NC (Store 378) location, I called and spoke with Eddy. I then asked if it would be acceptable to bring my PC tower with me and install the software there. I did not want to risk getting another bad copy and having to drive to Wilmington again. I was told I would be allowed to bring in my PC and a tech could install the software for a twenty dollar charge. When I told the Eddy that I am very experienced with computers and can install software just fine on my own, he said it would be fine for me to bring my PC and install the software on site without being charged.

I got to the Best Buy store, exchanged the software without any problems, and then set my PC up at one of the Geek Squad stations in the store. Vanessa, a member of the Geek Squad, then allowed me to connect to the Internet via the proxy because the install required Internet access. The software installed just fine and I then left the store.

I would like to say what an outstanding experience I had with Best Buy today. Eddy and Vanessa were very helpful despite how busy the store was. The Wilmington, North Carolina store deserves recognition for their work today.

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