CBS report released

Months, not weeks, after the panel was created to investigate the 60 Minutes II story on the TANG/Killian memos, we have the results.

The biggest results thus far is the dismissal of four CBS employees. Mary Mapes was fired and Senior Vice President Betsy West 60 Minutes Wednesday Executive Producer Josh Howard, and Senior Broadcast Producer Mary Murphy were all asked to resign. Andrew Heyward somehow managed to dodge the bullet and keep his job thus far, but he should have been the first to go.

I have compiled a list of worthy reading regarding the report. I highly suggest the articles as they are pouring over ever single part of the report and will have more content and commentary than most. As I find more articles, I’ll update the links. If you find one worth reading, comment the link and a hat tip you’ll get.

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Update 1: Wizbang! has more. Check out Panel Found Dan Rather Lied and Snippets From The CBS PDF.

Update 2: is all over the story. Everything they have posted today is excellent.

5 Responses to “CBS report released”

  1. Bob Says:

    Ah, another part of dirty politics.

    Everyone was embarassed by this one. How stupid can you get. Even if these did exist, don’t you think that Bush is smart enough to have had every single piece of paper destroyed? I mean, geesh, I may not like the man, I may think he’s a jerk who will force his religious will upon the country, but I never said the man was stupid.

    Big difference between having an agenda and being stupid. The agenda itself may be stupid, but the man stands up to his convictions, which you have to admire him for. Besides, who else can say that in 4 years, they’ll never have to work again, and the government will support him at a half mil a year paycheck?

  2. Rod Stanton Says:

    Viacom ordered a coverup andViacom got a coverup.

  3. Speed of Thought... Says:


  4. Marcus Says:

    I really wouldn’t say coverup, Rod. Just more of a graywashing. Dan wasn’t blamed in the least, but Mary got fired. Andrew should have as well but so is life.

  5. Rod Stanton Says:

    I think if Dan and Andy are not fired it is a coverup. The bogus wording “no political motive” is definately a coverup; as far as I am concerned.

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