Bye bye spammers!

The FTC is finally doing something against those who spend out spam email. The first bunch targeted were of the porn variety.

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission has shut down six companies it accused of sending X-rated e-mails in disguise and fraudulently charging recipients who joined sexually explicit Web sites in its first legal case involving pornographic Internet spam.

There are laws against spam email, but not against spam comments to blogs. With the explosion of blogging over the last year, will Congress make a move to protect bloggers from unwanted comments? The likelihood is very small, but it is definitely needed.

On any given day, this blog gets more than ten spam comments (usually casinos) that are burned before they make it to the comments section thanks to plugins for my blogging software. Not only do these comments provide minors with ways to access pornography, but they make money off me. I have not made a single cent off this blog as of today. There are no advertisements, no tip jars, and the only time I’ve asked for donations was to help police dogs in Iraq. Don’t you think I should get a kickback for all spam posted to my space? These comments are almost like someone running up and writing a url on your forehead with a sharpie.

Bloggers have shown they have a large amount of power in other areas, let’s us that power now in an attempt to end comment spam.

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