Marine kills cop, leaves another wounded in gun battle

I honestly don’t know what to think about this young man. He shot two police officers and one of them died. He then lost his life. Judging from the people the Modesto Bee talked to, he was a great kid.

“I’m shocked,” said Miguel Duran Jr., 21, a Raya family friend who helps run Ceres Karate on Central Avenue, near where Sunday night’s tragedy unfolded.

“He was a funny guy. Really outgoing, always cracking jokes, kinda like the class clown,” Duran said.

What happen doesn’t make sense.

“It was premeditated, planned, an ambush,” Ceres Police Chief Art de Werk said. “It was a suicide by cop.”

If he did this just so he wouldn’t have to go back to Iraq as the articles say, I would be very angry. But I don’t think that was the real cause.

Another longtime friend, neighbor George Alvarez, 28, said that Raya — during the holidays — confided about nightmares, “lots of problems sleeping” and “a lot of mental things going on inside.”

He served seven months in Iraq. There is no telling what he saw. Post traumatic stress is a big possibility in what drove him to commit suicide by cop.

Full articles here and here.

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