Homosexual marriage: How it should be done

In a previous post about a Tampa judge’s ruling on same sex marriage, Andrew Quinn posted a comment in rebuttal to my final comment.

“About time” to deny basic human rights to a group of Americans?

Before I talk about the marriage of homosexuals, I want to make this point completely clear. The morality of homosexuality is not up for debate in this post. The argument is a moot point. I will be talking only about marriage between homosexuals.

I am totally against gay “marriage.” I use marriage in quotations because marriage is between a man and a woman, not two members of the same sex. If a homosexual couple wants to make a life long commitment to each other then I have no problem with that as long as it follows certain guidelines.

First, counties would no longer issue marriage certificates to any couple. Instead, they would issue certificates of civil union. This would afford the same basic rights to a couple, heterosexual or homosexual. The couple could then elect to have a religious ceremony according to their beliefs. If the couple does decide to have a ceremony according to their faith and receive a marriage certificate issued to them by the authority that performed the ceremony.

This would be the only method of union I would agree with for homosexuals. Marriage is a holy sacrament and it should remain that way. Anything else I would be completely opposed to.

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  1. Billy Budd Says:

    It appears you have taken a very complicated subject and simplified it to a logical and reasonable approach. Too easy for government, won’t fly!

  2. Bob Says:

    I have to agree with Billy there. Too easy.

    Doesn’t mean I don’t agree with it whole heartedly! Its brilliant!

  3. Chris Short Says:

    Nope. Why should I have to change my way for a bunch of whiny, money grubbing people?

    I like being married to my wife and that’s not about to change to anything else. I’m not a religious guy so I shouldn’t be forced to “go to church” to get married.

    While this is totally logical it doesn’t work too well for a lot of us.

  4. Pezstar Says:

    The morality of homosexuality is open for debate any time a post is made that homosexuals shouldn’t get married, because in saying that, you are more or less calling homosexuality immoral. If you believed it to be a moral way of life, then the subject of marriage would be a non-issue.

    The majority of couples who get married do so in a ceremony that mentions god, however the couples know little about the God they are sealing their union with and could care less. For a religious person, marriage is about a spiritual union, and a covenant with God. For a secular couple, marriage is about a union recognized by the state and their hearts, and is a way for them to acknowledge that they agree to be together forever. In short, marriage doesn’t mean the same thing to a religious person as it does to a secular person. Does this mean that a secular person should not be allowed to marry? Standing in front of a group of peole and proclaiming their love to a God they don’t believe in is just as much of a mockery of Christianity as a couple of gay folks doing the same, often to a god they DO believe in.

    Marriage offers over 300 legal benefits to couples than does an unmarried partnership. Who is ANYONE to say that our country should refuse to recognize these two people who have been together for years, live their lives peacefully, and are in love? Their relationship is just as valid as any relationship between two straight people. It disgusts me to know that the government of my country and state are so blatantly homophobic and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in their discrimination against people who choose to live their lives in a way they do not approve of.

  5. Marcus Says:

    Billy and Bob (heh, Billy Bob!), it is an easy fix so maybe someone will make this happen.

    Chris, if you choose to have your brother marry you, so be it. Make a marriage certificate on your computer if you want to. The legal document that would have to be presented when needed would be the civil union certificate.

    Pezzy dear, I didn’t want to argue the morality of gay marriage for a big reason. That reason being flame wars that flare up. I’m coming from the fact that gay marriage doesn’t now exist in many states and a way for them to get the same benefits that straight couple have without calling it marriage. I personally despise the thought of a gay couple getting “married.” But if they want to spend the rest of their lives together and have the same rights as I and my future wife would, then get a civil union.

    From your comments you must of missed the fact that I am in support of civil unions. They have every right afforded to them as straight couples do. If they so wish to say they are married, find someone to marry you.

  6. Andrew Quinn Says:

    Okay, you are more than welcome to your religious belief that gay “marriage” is wrong.

    The government, however, is NOT welcome to enforce the religious beliefs of a fraction of the electorate - regardless of how large a fraction it may be.

  7. Marcus Says:


    Never once did I mention if it was a religious belief. Perhaps you should read the post again.

    Also, before you start trying to burn me at the steak for my religious beliefs, you should take into account that I didn’t tell you what they are. Unless I explicitly tell you, don’t assume.

  8. HelenW Says:

    Hi Marcus. I linked over from SondraK’s. I think.

    Your “separate but equal” ideas on Gay Marriage are silly–not simple, not practical, not Conservative, not thoughtful. Just to be constructive, I will volunteer myself.

    I think it is ok that you blog, but you should not be allowed to blog on marriage. That is because your name starts with M. Nobody with an M name should be allowed to blog on marriage. If you want to talk to a theologian about marriage, that’s fine. You can get married too, if you like. I have decided that is allowable.

    Just don’t ever blog on marriage. It’s not natural–you can never produce children by blogging on marriage. Marriage/Marcus. See the two M’s? That’s yicky. Bad ethics. Morally yicky.

    That’s what I think, so that should be the law. It’s not a religious thing, I promise. So don’t make any assumptions about my religion. Cuz I didn’t explicitly tell you.

    ((Hope you get it, because you could never survive a real debate on Gay Marriage with me. hahaha))

  9. Jack Hamilton Says:

    This whole homo maraige thing is a load of crap.

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