What happened to respect?

Thursday was a very special day for our elected president, George W. Bush. Its the last time he will accept a post as an elected, public official. As expected, it was marred by protest. Only it was insignificant in size, according to the likes of MSNBC, CNN and FOX.

The more I read about the protesters themselves, the more I wonder “what is the deal with these people?” Were they there to protest actual issues, or any ol’ thing that’d rhyme? A huge chant from the protesters was rather inaccurate.

Racist, Sexist. Anti-gay. Bush and Cheney, go away.

Without a doubt, Bush selecting a black female for Secretary of state, and Cheney having a gay daughter, of whom he is openly proud of, gives statements such as these true meaning. Regardless, many of the protesters had preconceived notions.

Bill Wolf, 47, a protester from Ringoes, N.J, said of the tight security, “I think it was designed specifically to suppress dissent and keep out protesters.”

Really? Even though the Park Service granted a protest group dedicated space for the inaugural parade, which had never been done before?

Brian Becker, national coordinator for the group A.N.S.W.E.R., said “I don’t think it’s ever happened in history that the anti-war movement has ever been able to have this kind of setup.”

Nevermind 911, right? We’ll just take your word for it, your safe. Move along! I bet he could have gotten a front seat in the Presidential Limo, and complained that is was the front seat.

Many were there to protest war, or should I say “the war.”

Ramsey Clark, attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson, told the crowd that the Bush administration had “made the world a more dangerous place.”

This is a man who served with the Vietnam War Escalator, yet noone booed him. It was the worst military disaster since the war of 1812, and he gets a free pass from boos?

When I saw the WTO protests, I had figured theses protesters were motivated by nothing but hate and disrespect. On Thursday, there was more than enough of that to go around.

One young man wearing anti-Bush buttons screamed, “Scum,” into the ear of an elderly woman, a Bush supporter.

Thats what its all about to those protesters. Just as long as they get their hate fix, nothing else matters. She was an elderly woman. The man walking behind her punched him in the face, I’d have whipped his ass (they don’t call me Big Al for nothin’).

Some people on the right stated when William J. Clinton became president that he was not their president. The leftests had a field day. They stated, rightly so, that an elected president is the leader of the whole United States. On Thursday, a different tune was being sung.

[T]hey broke into chants of “Not our president”


[S]crawled messages “I Have No President” pinned to the backs of their jackets.

I can’t remember Republicans going that far in disrespect at President Clinton’s inaugurations. Some on the left say Clinton was mistreated. Bush was downright disrespected.

5 Responses to “What happened to respect?”

  1. Bob Says:

    I agree. Its ridiculous.

    And to be honest, I would have knocked the jerk out too.

    I may not agree with the politics and policies and actions, but at least I respect the office, if not the man. He has a job I don’t ever want.

  2. Allen Says:

    Once again, Bob. You and I don’t agree with each other, but I feel we have the exact same respect for the rules of being members of this country.

    President is the worse job imaginable.

  3. Ron Says:

    Respect? For a high-level public official? After Clinton? You must be joking!

  4. Jessica Says:

    It is a shame, a real shame that people can give themselves permission to act like complete morons.

  5. Allen Says:

    Ron. I’m a bit perplexed. That statement was a bit too short to properly convey feelings. Do you mean that President Clinton had somehow forever tarnishes the respectability of “high ranking offices?” Or are you saying that Republicans, in their zeal to unseat the former president, made it exceptable for anyone to dis-respect “high ranking officials?”

    Not trying to put words into your mouth, one way or the other, but your statement seems to be lacking in information.

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