Maint: Server issues

It seems we have been having server issues tonight. Marcus has been trying to contact the provider, but he seems to be away from his computer tonight. Please bear with us as we try to work through the problems.

Marcus and Big Al

Update: My provider forwarded an email from the host support.

Yes, that is correct. Technicians are currently working on it.
It is either a dos attack or mail bomb attack.

Quick and to the point, isn’t it? I can’t help but wonder if I’ve pissed someone off.

Update 2: Yes! I have definately pissed someone off. I was talking with my provider (hi Jon!) who was then talking with the host and while they can’t tell for 100% sure, they are 90% sure that was the target of yesterday’s DDoS attack. It appears I am doing my job and rather well at that.

To the attacker, thank you for inflating my ego. As a friend once told me, “If you don’t get at least one DDoS attack on your website, you’re doing something wrong.”

Update 3: 1542 Tuesday Just when I thought we would be good, the server is loading slow again. At times it acts just fine and then others it takes forever to load. Consider this a general warning that we may have issues for some time.

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  1. Chris Short Says:

    It’s quite possible that I’ve been DDoSed a few times at not even know. The datacenter my server is in has all kinds of people working to prevent such things.

    I know I’ve been banned by entire countries before though.

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