Fair winds and following seas, Scot

Last night as a friend’s last night as an active duty Marine. After four years of faithful service to God and Country, Cpl Scot is heading back down to Texas. To celebrate, a bunch of us met up at the local Hooters for food, beer (well, I didn’t drink), and good times.

Last night was trivia night, too. The other end of the table formed up one team and my end formed up another. Other teams scattered throughout the restaurant had no chance against us. Or we thought. The first couple of questions were pretty much no brainers, but then we get to the fourth question and we had no clue.

What car manufacturer made the Thing?

Tim and I looked at each other with a look of confusion. A couple of companies came to mind, but it didn’t make sense. John thought Pontiac, but I knew that couldn’t be it. My dad is a huge car buff and so was Tim’s. We both jumped on our cells and called home to see what we could find out from our folks. My dad instantly said VW and so did Tim’s. Low and behold, that was it. Thanks, Dad!

The rest of the night was more trivia, Scot getting on a chair in front of the entire restaurant dancing while the girls sang, “You are my Sunshine.” I died laughing. We took tons of pictures, drank more beer (I was once again drinking some Mt. Dew), and laughed at stories of Scot becoming Colonel Crash on the bike trails.

After three hours of fun, we all headed out the door. Thus ends the Marine Corps career of Scot and the beginning of a new chapter in his life.

Fair winds and following seas, my friend.

4 Responses to “Fair winds and following seas, Scot”

  1. Rick Says:

    Congratulations to your buddy and a huge thank you from Texas for his service

  2. Allen Says:

    You didn’t know VW made the thing? I thought everyone knew that.

  3. Marcus Says:

    Cut me a couple of degrees of slack. I wasn’t even born yet. *sticks tongue out at the old farts*

  4. Dad Says:

    This old fart knows a “thing” or two about the VW Thing.

    It actually looked more like an old German military vehicle than anything. All Things were convertibles, had (4) removable doors, and a fold down windshield. As is the Beetle, the Thing was a capable little car.

    They actually advertised that it could stay afloat for several minutes. Here’s a link to an actual sales brochure:


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