Seattle-based ISP becomes first to offer Firefox


The Mozilla Foundation’s popular open-source Web browser Firefox took another step forward in mainstream acceptance with the announcement that Speakeasy, a Seattle-based national broadband ISP, is offering a customized version of Firefox 1.0 to its customers.

The article also talks about how Firefox is gaining market share as Internet Explorer’s falls.

Internet Explorer has been losing market share to the upstart Web browser. In the past few weeks, Microsoft Corp.’s dominant browser lost an additional 1.5 percentage points to fall to 90.3 percent of the Web browser-using public, according to Web research company WebSideStory Inc. Simultaneously, the Firefox browser rose 0.9 percentage points to reach 5 percent.

While the Speakeasy version is best suited for those using a Speakeasy connection, the impact this will have is enormous. More people will be exposed to the glory that is Firefox. I only see the market share for Firefox expanding from here.

If you are not currently a Firefox user and would like to see why I love it so much, follow the Firefox link to the right and download the software. You will never use any other browser.

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  1. Bob Says:

    I use Firefox alot, not for everything, but most stuff. I like it alot. My easier to use than IE. And not alot of MS crap either.

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