You silly, silly man

Apparently I am silly. Well, my idea on homosexual marriage was according to HellenW. Here is what she said bit by bit with what I have to say back.

Your “separate but equal” ideas on Gay Marriage are silly–not simple, not practical, not Conservative, not thoughtful. Just to be constructive, I will volunteer myself.

Separate but equal? I assume you are thinking that civil unions would only be for homosexuals. Wrong. Here is what I really said.

First, counties would no longer issue marriage certificates to any couple.

That means any couple, homosexual or heterosexual. After getting the civil union papers, head down to your place of worship and get a marriage certificate. How that idea isn’t simple and practical isn’t coming to me. It isn’t the standpoint of most conservatives, but since when do I have to follow every single party line? Thoughtful? I put a hell of a lot of thought into this.

I think it is ok that you blog, but you should not be allowed to blog on marriage. That is because your name starts with M. Nobody with an M name should be allowed to blog on marriage. If you want to talk to a theologian about marriage, that’s fine. You can get married too, if you like. I have decided that is allowable.

Just don’t ever blog on marriage. It’s not natural–you can never produce children by blogging on marriage. Marriage/Marcus. See the two M’s? That’s yicky. Bad ethics. Morally yicky.

That’s what I think, so that should be the law. It’s not a religious thing, I promise. So don’t make any assumptions about my religion. Cuz I didn’t explicitly tell you.

The only part of that little bit that makes any kind of sense is the last paragraph. She is responding to what I said when Andrew attempted to bring my religious beliefs into play. I have not once ever blogged on my religious beliefs and I do not know Andrew personally. There is no way he knows what I do and do not believe. What does he do? He assumed and we all know that when you assume, you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

((Hope you get it, because you could never survive a real debate on Gay Marriage with me. hahaha))

That sounds like a challenge to me. I normally wouldn’t take the challenge at the end of a comment that made no sense, however I will anyway. Hellen, send me and email (marcus at artitumis dot com) and we’ll set something up.

3 Responses to “You silly, silly man”

  1. HelenW Says:

    Marcus: Apparently I am silly.

    That’s not what I said, but you are convincing.

    Marcus: Well, my idea on homosexual marriage was …

    Hey, you managed to correctly characterize my comments on your 2nd try. Well done.

    Marcus: I assume you are thinking …

    You say “assume,” I say “constructing a fantasy.” Take your own advice on assuming.

    Marcus: Here is what I really said.

    Wrong. That is only a subordinate selection. What you really said, and what I object to, was: “I am totally against gay ‘marriage.’” Everything else you wrote was self-contradicting support for that silly statement. For example, how does “totally against gay marriage” lead to your plan for Gays to “get a marriage certificate”? You need a parallel universe for all this drivel to coexist.

    Marcus: I put a hell of a lot of thought into this.

    Well, if you insist. When I said it was “thoughtless,” I was just trying to be polite. It isn’t simple or practical because you propose to entirely change the machinery of marriage licensing. How about we leave everything alone and have government simply drop the theocracy based Marriage Apartheid regulations?

    Marcus: send me and email … we’ll set something up.

    With no indication of your body mass, that seems like a lot to ask. I could email you, but why? ((Wanna hear a story about catching a fish with my bare hands?)) If you are foolish enough to invite debate, you can make the rules. Feel free to give yourself any advantage. It won’t help.

    I’m not a troll, a misanthrope, a hit-and-run artist, or profane in any way. If you are concerned about my sincerity, talk to Sondra or Claire at Knowledge is Power. Or you can see me referenced at Power Line..

    Let me know when you would like to schedule the intervention. Meanwhile, I’ll scope out even more of your rhetorical vulnerabilities.

    [Note: It helps to close your tags in XHTML. -M]

  2. Marcus Says:

    Well. Welcome back.

    For example, how does “totally against gay marriage” lead to your plan for Gays to “get a marriage certificate”?

    I guess writing at 750 in the morning wasn’t the greatest idea. When I said get a marriage certificate, I meant for heterosexual couples.

    Polite? No where does it say you have to be polite.

    If we leave everything alone, then homosexuals won’t be getting marriage certificates. After all, it isn’t legal right now.

    With no indication of my body mass? What in the hell are you talking about?

    You seemed to issue the debate challenge in your post by claiming I wouldn’t stand a chance and then laughing at me. I said email me. That is how it will work, take it or leave it.

  3. HelenW Says:

    Thank you for your welcome. I appreciate your editing on my tags too. You see, I’m polite by choice, not because I have to be.

    I’ll set aside this round of misquotes to focus on why you are not understanding some of things I write. I think you are reading too fast. It is a common problem among bloggers. Honestly, I don’t know how you all keep up, so no hard feeling there.

    No, I wasn’t laughing. I indicate that by “HA,” or “hahaha,” depending on whether the laughter is with you or at you. More importantly, I encourage you avoid writing things that would justify a “zzzzz,” “hirp,” or “ppffftt” response from me.

    And no need for overwrought imperatives–I’m happy to write you an email and was looking for direction. Let me expand on that concept for clarity. If you tell me the purpose of this apparently unnecessary correspondence, I will have a better chance of including some gratifying content. In fact, if you supply the appropriate text or magic words here, I will copy and paste them directly into my email for you. I aim to please, so work with me on this. Ok?

    You can always contact me by way of my public page that is linked to my name here.

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