Exactly what are you going to do about it?

Something caught my interest in the last paragraph of an article I read yesterday

While Iran insists its nuclear activities are strictly peaceful, Britain, France and Germany are engaged in diplomatic efforts to secure long-term guarantees that the clerical regime will not seek the bomb

along with something from an opinion piece I had read the day before, written by Dr. Al-Hayat

The European troika (France, Britain, and Germany) supported by Russia and China, is trying to find a solution for the Iranian nuclear file through negotiations with Tehran

Then this morning, as I was reading news of the day, I came across this article, and with it, this quote

Representatives of Britain, France and Germany told Iran that “nothing short of full cessation and dismantling of Iran’s fuel cycle efforts would give the EU3 the objective guarantees they need that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful

Now, while I think the efforts put forth by those countries is admirable, I found this passage to be a little disconcerting

The Europeans can not offer anything to Iran until the United States comes on board

And why is that? So, after years of threats and intimidation, as the U.S. says “enough is enough, Iran, now suffer the conseqeunces,” as had happened in Iraq, France and Germany can stab us in the back again?

France, Russia, China and Germany had constantly voted for the resolutions against Iraq. For thirteen years this charade had persisted. When the time for sabre rattling had ended and it came down to put up or shut up, what did France, Russia, China and Germany do? They shut the hell up, thats what.

Maybe this is a credibility issue. Maybe France and Germany understand that anything they say is taken with a grain of salt. You see, it may be just me, but if France and Germany say to me “do this or else,” do you know what I’d say?

or else what!

4 Responses to “Exactly what are you going to do about it?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    …or else what!

    LOL Beautiful, Al.

    We all know the reason they got yellow when we invaded.


  2. Bob Says:

    I have to agree with you there, Al. A threat from anyone in Europe is basically meaningless.

    What is France going to do, invade? Bomb them? France doesn’t even have a medum, never mind a long range, bomber.

    Countries that thave required other countries to defend them for the last 60 years should keep their mouths shut.

  3. Allen Says:

    I think France blew an opportunity for some credibility with the Iraq situation. They could have pushed for the U.N. to help. They could have said “we disagree with the use of force, but Iraq has ignored us long enough!” They could have issued troops, if only in the “security” role. Countries such as Iran would take them more seriously, then.

    In the article where it states that a U.S. presense is needed, by the way. I feel the U.S. should get involved. Not so much to add credibility, but because it is the Brits who have asked us to. We owe it to them, if no-one else.

  4. Jessica Says:


    I agree with you on this one of course. But I am curious, why doesn’t the US get into it?

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