The last few days have been especially crazy so I’ve not posted much.

Staff Sergeant has pinned on Warrant Officer and leaves in two weeks for The Basic School. Good luck, sir. I am changing commands for a bit. I’m not sure exactly how long I will be over with Supply Battalion, but I know I’m going to be an Ammo Supply Point guard so I’m excited about the change of pace for how ever long it lasts. The working hours are probably going to change, but I’ll know more about that once I get over there. Tomorrow I have to get qualified with the 9mm. Lance Corporals usually don’t go to the pistol range unless needed so I am very excited to be doing that. I will post about how that goes tomorrow.

Update February 3 @ 1456: I finished up pistol qual about two hours ago and I am getting my score ran today. I didn’t do that great, but I qualified and that is all that really matters. Big Al cursed me and I ended up with the dreaded pizza box. For you nonMarines out there, that means I got Marksman which is the lowest badge you can get of the three. Like I said, I qualified and that is all that matters.

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  1. Allen Says:

    It looks cool when you’ve got side by side qualifying badges. You’ll get to wear it until your tour is finished. Don’t get no damn pizza box, though.

    I know about being busy. I’ve been craming three weeks worth of errands into these past three days. One cool thing though. I’m typing this using both hands. How cool is that?!

  2. Dad Says:

    WoooHooo… getting to shoot a 9mm! Fun stuff. Was it the Beretta?

    Makes me almost wish I still had my 9mm. If Uncle Sam was footing the bill for the ammo, I probably would still have it. Being a civilian, I’ll stick with the cheapo .22, I suppose.

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