Do him a favor

Ward L. Churchill. A man who has found himself at the very center of controversy on many occasions, is now a household name. The Colorado University Board of Regents is considering removeing him from his tenured posistion at CU. Governor Owens wants him gone. My fellow citizens here in Colorado Springs consider him an outright disgrace. Its all about an essay he wrote, some say. To me, its more about lies, fraud and being two-faced.

Mr. Churchill seems ready to fight any attempt to remove him. In his essay, Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens, Mr. Churchill decried America for its zeal to become an economic power. Even though he stated that the world trade employees worked at the

very heart of America’s global financial empire

thereby proving their guilt, punishable by death, he now wants to fight to keep his job. This is a job which exists completely because of Americas financial strength. How many of his students are students simply because Uncle Sam (thats you and me, by the way) foots their bill. If he had integrity, he’d teach for free in some field, not as a well paid, tenured college professor.

David Lane, a civil rights attorney representing Churchill, says

Ward is an extremely intelligent man, an advocate of nonviolence

what about the world trade center attacks? What makes that a non-violent event? An event in which Mr. Churchill called the attackers

“combat teams,” not terrorists.

I guess combat is now a non-violent affair. Mr. Lane goes on

“He is very concerned about the underdog, both nationally and internationally. In this case, all he was doing was calling for an analysis on why 9/11 happened. When you are commenting on matters of public opinion, you can say whatever you want. He is blunt, direct and to the point — and that puts a lot of people off.”

He called the innocent victoms Nazis. Blunt, direct and to the point my ass. How about “lieing, deciving and manipulating.”

In a January 27, 2005 essay, which appeared in the Rocky Mountain News, John C. Ensslin stated that Churchil had said

When you kill 500,000 children in order to impose your will

Somebody call I’d personally like to see where this number came from. Does this guy just say anything, without backing?

Maybe so. Ward has called himself an American Indian. He says he was at the occupation of Alcatraz, Wounded Knee and the 1972 takeover at Bureau of Indian Affairs. But Suzan Shown Harjo — president of a Native American rights group called the Morning Star Institute — says otherwise

no one can remember him being there,” she said. “I was at the BIA takeover as a reporter, and I never saw him.”

furthermore, she

has Census data showing Churchill as born to parents listed as white. She said he had not shown up on the rolls of the tribes he said he belonged to.

In the 1980’s, David Bradley championined federal legislation that required those selling their work as Indian art to be able to prove their tribal ties. Churchill then

wrote this slanderous attack about me (Bradley). He tried to impugn my motives

and Churchill attacked

the 1990 Indian Arts and Crafts legislation, saying it gave rise to “witch hunts” among tribes looking for phony Indians

Churchill, whom some would call an artist, was afraid he’d be exposed as a non-indian who claimed to not be such. A “phony Indian,” if you will.

Mr. Churchill is a phony in my opinion. There is enough evidence to prove he is no Indian. He will say anything to stir controversey, even if what he says is an outright lie. He also shows an incredible ability to point out pure evil, even while profiting from such. We here in Colorado should do him a favor and release him from his obligation of earning a living off the most evil, vile economy the world has ever seen.

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