Update on my new job

Those for you that can remember back far enough will know that I’ve left my desk job and headed out to guard the ammo dump. Now, this is definitely a new experience for me and so far, it has ups and downs.

I work two days straight, four hours on, eight hours off, repeat. That is a huge down as I can’t leave to update the blog, relax, or anything of that sort. I end up sitting around the guard house talking, playing Playstation, or sleeping. Those eight hours off are really boring. In fact, the entire two days is really boring. I then get the next two days off to come back to the barracks and do whatever I want. The weekend shifts are different being you work Friday-Sunday or have it off, but during the week it is all two on, two off.

The training I’ve gotten so far is almost interesting but I will never really have the chance to do it. No one is stupid enough to even attempt a break-in over at the dump. If they did, they wouldn’t get very far as they would have the ASP Guard, the MPs, and probably some more people all over them.

I did get lucky and also get Monday off. I’m not sure what the other shift did to get another entire day of work (it’ll make four in a row for them), but its good stuff. I won’t miss Raw and I will get to talk to Anna longer on Valentine’s Day.

Blogging from me is going to be very light. I won’t be posting near as much as I used to but I will try to get some sort of regular schedule laid out once I can fully adjust to my new job.

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  1. Dad Says:

    Are you truly keeping people out of there, or preventing something that’s in there from getting out? Bwahahaha!

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