Last couple of days

Since I don’t have the nice work schedule just yet, I couldn’t blog like I normally would. So, here are some things I found interesting from other bloggers.

Jeff Quinton has a quickie about the new China and India alliance of sorts. The Clancy novel is Executive Orders and is a must read.

LGF has a letter from a Marine that was sent to Ohio University’s Post Online. If any of my left wing friends that are about my age are reading this, go read the letter. Please.

Chris (who may not be aware that I’m back so here is your notice, bro) has good views about a race card being played in the NBA.

Scott has word about Mac’s new OS upgrade. It once again has me wanting a Mac. And he has something about our furry friends that have served along side our service members.

From Spoons:

Edit: The form stuff doesn’t work right so vist the page to see my blog monster.

And by the way, I beat you Spoons.

Thats all I have to offer. Check back often today and let’s see how my blogging works out.

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