The baggage handler and his camel

It isn’t what you think. No really. It isn’t what you think.

SYDNEY (AP) — Qantas Airways on Friday suspended a baggage handler who was caught on video opening a passenger’s bag which contained a camel costume, donning the head and wandering around the airport tarmac.

The costume’s owner, David Cox, said he was waiting inside the terminal at Sydney Airport earlier this week when he glanced outside and saw the baggage handler wearing his camel head.

This guy is genius. I would have loved to be that handler. I would have taken the entire costume and ran around the airport in it. Imagine the looks from people heading to flights. It would have been priceless. Sadly, and perhaps he should have been, our friend was punished.

He said the baggage handler had been suspended and could be fired pending further investigation.

Funny stuff in airports is so rare these days.

Via Fark.

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