More art?

A couple of folks have commented on some art I posted a few months ago and have been looking for more. If you would like to see everything I have uploaded at the moment, head over to the Gallery. I’ve done a couple more in the last few weeks but they aren’t uploaded just yet. I’ll get around to that and working on some more tomorrow.

Update: I got to wondering why I’ve had so many comments on my art in the last week so I looked at the one that got the most comments and discovered something completely awesome.

Not only did I get 1750 page referers from Google in the last 24 hours to that page, I have the number fifteen image for butterflies on Google Images. Wow.

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  1. - The definitive Arty » Art kicked into high gear Says:

    […] Butterflies has moved up in the Google Images display to number THREE! Almost a month ago, I noticed it was at number fifteen. Let’s see if I can move up to number one. […]

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