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Today is my first day for Round the Reader. I would like to welcome all of those who read it every day on all of the sister sites. Feel free to kick your feet up and look through the rest of the site once you finish reading RtR.

We’ll start off today with Our Life and Chris’ run in with a terrorist supporting nut job from the UK. Basit Ali Kahn attends University of Salford and his email address is

Speed of Thought… has the account of a man who woke up after a roof collapsed on him while he was fighting a fire. The kicker? The fire was ten years ago.

For having the biggest balls of them all, Dr. Rusty over at Jawa Report gets a plug. He also has a good point to make about Islofacists.

Powerline is talking about another service member who should have never been allowed to put on the uniform of my country. Stuff like this makes me extremely angry so just go read it.

I am not sure if this blog is true at all, but is definitely an interesting read. Clublife is written by a bouncer who apparently is in the mob.

Life on Mars? Michelle Malkin has the rest.

I love the Firefox browser and I think it is the best ever. Don’t start a fight with me in comments, by the way. Chris Gonyea is talking about what Mozilla should do with the update system in Firefox 1.1. I agree.

Perhaps the most important link you’ll find in RtR today is from Blackfive. No matter what, your Social Security Number and other personal information should never be given out or where people that can scam you will be able to find it. If you know military folks, pass this along.

3 Responses to “Round the Reader”

  1. Bob Says:

    This firefighter thing is going to bring up Terri Schiavo (sp?) again. And I, for one, am sick of hearing it.

    But, since this is a good place for it, I’ll make my opinion known on it.

    HER family was absolutely and completely WRONG! Admittedly, they did all of what they did out of love for her, but it does not change the fact that they were still wrong. They had no right to interfere with what her husband decided was best. That decision is his and his alone, and they have no moral, legal, or ethical right to interfere. And Congress and the President were SO out of line getting involved. This is seriously going to hurt them in the 2006 elections.

    Something like that happens to me, pull the damn plug, and let me go to my Goddess in peace.

  2. Marcus Says:

    Thats exactly what Scott was referring to in his article. I had, and still have for that matter, very mixed feelings about her. On one hand I wanted her to be let go and on the other I wanted to cry out to let her live and attempt a recovery. That is such a complex issue that I would just sit back and watch instead of throw myself in it.

  3. Crystal Clear Says:

    Welcome to RtR..sorry it took me so very long to come on over to welcome you and congratulate you on a great first edition post! Nice job…

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