Drake and Zeke

Be warned, this post isn’t going to have my normal style. What you are about to read is raw and unedited. It won’t offend unless you think Pee pee Hole No-Nos are offensive and get your panties in a wad by being young Shi’thead of the Dumbass of the Day.

Drake and Zeke were the afternoon guys on Memphis’ Rock 103. I lived about an hour from good ole Mempho until I got launched out of the Corps’ mortar tube and landed in Lejeune. The afternoons riding around in the old man’s truck listening to D&Z were great and generally laughing until it hurt. Now the guys have become victim to the monster of Clear Channel.

Yes, my beloved Drew and Zippy are off Rock 103. The fat, lazy, corporate bastards have reared their ugly heads and pushed yet another piece of talent off the market. For years Drake and Zeke have been loyal WEGR employee and then all of a sudden they are gone. I’m really not sure how long ago that happened, but it stings. Bad.

Drake and Zeke are good peeps. Dad was over in Memphis one afternoon and saw Drake at a remote. Dad stopped and called me to tell me he got to talk to Drake. I was jealous. So Dad handed him the cell phone. Rock on. Then he got bumper stickers for me. One DZ logo and another logo signed by Drake. Good stuff.

Rumors are they are landing over at 98.1. As of now, Zeke is throwing down during the mornings. I can only hope Drake will head over and soon. I’ll be writing the guys begging for new autographed goods without the Rock 103 label.

UPDATE: Talked to the old man and Drake is apparently under a competition clause in his contract. Perhaps by the summer The Max’s morning show will be Drake and Zeke.

15 Responses to “Drake and Zeke”

  1. Dad Says:

    Hey, who you calling old man?

  2. Marcus Says:

    You, of course.

  3. Bob Says:

    Competion clauses can only last for so long… anywhere for 90 days to 1 year. And competion clauses are always subject to renegotiation. Pay us so much, and we’ll drop it, etc… And they really are hard to enforce, since you’re dealing with someone’s living. And if they fired him, good luck enforcing it.

  4. Marcus Says:

    I can understand them not wanting to deal with the legalities of the clause. Plus it gave Drake time to go on a Eurotrip and relax. Apparently the wifey makes enough to sustain them until he starts working again.

  5. Leanna Says:

    Okay.. I have to ask, as I’ve been wondering for awhile. Do you even write this stuff? Or is it alien, pod-person Marcus?

  6. Marcus Says:

    Course I write it. Who else would it be? *butterflyswarmkills Leanna*

    Edited so Dad is now WRONG!

  7. Dad Says:

    “Course I right it…” *shakes head, wrings hands, and other acts of exasperation* Nice grammar there, son -heh.

  8. Dad Says:

    Leanna, he’s making it all up. Drew & Zippy are merely figments of his imagination. Mine, too.

  9. Marcus Says:

    Dad. You’re trying to ruin my secret. And I’m allowed to have bad grammar at 6:39 in the morning.

  10. Leanna Says:

    I knew it! Thank you, Marcus’ Dad. ^_^

    And Marcus.. I CONTROL those butterflies. You can’t possible swarm-kill me with them.

  11. Leanna Says:

    *sigh* .. Possibly.

    I lose.

  12. Kyle Says:

    Does 98.1 The Max have a website?

  13. Dad Says:

    Kyle, they do indeed have a website. Live feed coming soon.


  14. Marcus Says:

    Dad, thanks for staying on top of the comments while I’ve been working AHEM sittingonmybuttdoingnothing.

    Kyle, I don’t think I’ve seen you around the blog before. Thanks for dropping by.

  15. Bob Says:

    Ah, git up off ya ass, ya redneck jarhead.

    *walks away giggling*

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