RtR: Tuesday, May 17

Last time I published a RtR, I waited until late in the evening so I could have a lot of great links. This time I’ve decided a midday linkage would be a good idea. If I run across more, I’ll update.

The Playstation 3 has been announced by Sony. This console will definitely rock.

The asshat of Forsake the Troops is dead. Not really, but could we get so lucky?

Ward Churchill is another asshat who needs to go away. He has responded the accusations of plagiarism.

There is a new blog that will be up and running soon. I’m not going to give word on who is running it but it will be a great blog.

The military has a new truck that is going to be awesome. It is super armored and big. You get two stories here and here.

The funniest thing I’ve read today is about a guy who is sued a girl who broke his little man. Yes. That little man.

Marines are good people. And I don’t just say it because I am one. This Marine Corporal went out of his way to help someone who got a wrong number.

There it is. If you would like to add more to RtR, leave it in the comments section.

Update many months later: 90% of the spam coming to the blog is from this post. I’ve disabled pings and comments, so lets see if that cuts the spam at all.

4 Responses to “RtR: Tuesday, May 17”

  1. The MUSC Tiger Says:

    The Cougar: Humvee on Steriods

  2. Anna Says:

    .. So, like, you’re going to get me one of those trucks, right?

  3. Anna Says:

    Wtf. And that’s LEanna. *dstare* I need to fix that.

  4. Leanna Says: