Round the Reader: Late as Hell Edition

First off we’ll start with an excuse why I’m doing RtR on Wednesday but its really Tuesday’s edition. I glanced through all my feeds earlier today and there wasn’t much I wanted to include. Maybe I’m just a horrible linker in light of not blogging like I used to, but that doesn’t matter. It was holiday weekend and I’m sure everyone is still trying to hold on to it. All excuses aside, here is Round the Reader for May 31, 2005.

LFG: Nuke material to Iran? Thank God it was stopped.

Binary Bonsai: Michael got to go inside Pixar. What a lucky, lucky man.

Blackfive: He has an email that went out to Seamus’ All Hands mailing list. You may remember me posting a few from Seamus, he is a good man. This one is from a Marine officer about stuff going on in Iraq.

Jawa Report: Chappelle is Muslim?!

Wizbang: Mark Felt is Deep Throat.

Shameless self plug: A spoof letter to the world from the President.

The next set is a collection of links. Scott, JimK, Drumwaster, and Alex are all posting one great thing about America a day. They are doing this through July 4th, but why stop there? (Yes guys, that is a challenge.)

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