Current rumor

The current rumor going around my old unit is I will be leaving the ASP Guard at the begining of July. In keeping with Marine Corps traditions, I’ll be the last to know and it will be a last minute decision.

The reason they’re needing me back is pretty simple. Alain (who picked up Sgt not too long ago) is about to get out. The LCpl they got to take my job over is going to the 24 MEU. That leaves my old office completely empty. It would be a better idea to pull me out of the ASP instead of getting yet another person to head into the land of ISC.

Do I really want to leave the guard? Not really. I enjoy working nights and not dealing with some of the stupid stuff of GCAC. I have about a year left until I’ll be going on terminal leave and if they so choose to leave me on the guard until that time, I won’t complain.

We’ll see what happens.

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  1. dad Says:

    Well??? It’s well past “beginning of July.”

    Any news yet?

  2. Caroline Says:

    Hey Marcus *hugs* What happend with your job???

    Semper Fi


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