What If?

I sat at my desk today during lunch and as usual, I was browsing the web. Only today was slightly different from normal.

I feel the urge to sometimes check on what those on the left are saying. Today’s urge was inspired by the story of President Bush giving the go ahead on the use of torture. I haven’t even read the stories because, quite frankly, I don’t believe it matters. We are at war, and anything goes when it comes to the enemy that doesn’t wear a uniform or carry a flag. I digress.

Seeing all the demands of “impeach him now!” and “we have to win in 08!” got me thinking. What happens if a Democrat wins in 2008? Will it be one that has screamed for us to back out of Iraq? Will it be one that states we never should have gone in? Will it be one that is screaming and never wanted us in? What if?

I then remembered the site of people attempting to apologize to the world because America elected George W. Bush to a second term. I think the particular site is pure and utter crap so I’m not going to link them. You really should take a second to thank God if you don’t already know the site. What if the next president follows suit with those jokers and issues an apology to the world for the War on Terror that we’ve been involved in since 2001?

Not only will America’s reputation of the defenders of freedom be forever ruined, we will look like fools. One of the biggest keys to America’s superpower status is our ability to conduct smooth transitions with change only on a lesser scale. I can’t think of one time in our history that a newly elected president has come in and changed the biggest policy a past administration used for almost two terms. In doing this, the next administration would doom America.

What if a Republican wins in 2008? Will the War on Terror continue on the same course? I honestly don’t see us finishing the job in the next two years, although we will be much closer. Will the Republican stick it out until the Iraqis have a strong enough government and military to take care of themselves? If he is smart and wants another term he will.

The next two years is going to be the real key to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and that in turn will be the key to the following four years.

2 Responses to “What If?”

  1. Bob Says:

    I don’t see us IN Iraq that long. I see us out of there before the 2008 election. Yes, it will be an election issue. Make no mistake about it. But both the Republicans and the Democrats know that to be still in iraq when the 2008 elections roll around will be absolute political suicide for the Republican party. That will make the War in Iraq (No, not the War on Terror. That’s a nice little catchphrase invented by a spin doctor) being 5 years long. That is extremely bad.

    I fear what the United States will be like if we’re in Iraq for our 5th anniversary. I fear the riots that may happen. That’s my fear.

  2. Marcus Says:

    I’ll just roll out in a tank. Wouldn’t you fear me in a tank more than riots? bwahahaha

    All joking aside, it would be political suicide for a Republican to pull us out of Iraq if most of his political base don’t think we’re done.

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