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I’ve never been a big fan of buzz. My disgust of buzz words and phrases grew out everything getting some sort of word or phrase to describe it. Hearing someone call the internet an “information superhighway” makes my skin crawl. I want to do evil things involving honey and ants to those that mention the “dot-com bubble bust.” The newest that grates on my nerves is Web 2.0.

I’ve been ignorant on the true meaning of Web 2.0 for months, and it was a blissful ignorant. I saw Web 2.0 as another buzz phrase brought into common use as a way to describe something that doesn’t exist, and therefor, not needed. The phrases finally bugged me enough that I Googled a bit and then visited Wikipedia to get a general consensus on the meaning.

Wikipedia - Many recently developed concepts and technologies are seen as contributing to Web 2.0, including weblogs, linklogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and other forms of many to many publishing; social software, web APIs, web standards, online web services, Ajax, and others.

Perhaps my initial hatred for the phrase came from my lack of understanding. I didn’t understand it at first because some of the biggest “Web 2.0 features” are blogging, podcasts, and RSS. I started blogging just after it became wildly popular on the web, but before the MSM grabbed it by the throat and made it a four letter word among many internet users. These things have been part of my browsing style for a good amount of time, and now seeing a phrase applied to it makes it feel plain dirty.

Applying a version number to something like the internet is just plain foolish. Do we have Telephone 2.0? How about TV 7.4 beta? No, we don’t. Over the years the changes made to the telephone and television have been just like the ones being made to the internet now. Technology has gone from operator connected calls and black and white TV to phone numbers and digital cable/satellites, yet we have just plain telephone and TV. Now internet technology is advancing just like the telephone and television before it. Leave the version number off.

The internet is changing, and the change is so far good. Once people realize that calling it Web 2.0 is retarded, we’ll be better off. However, the internet is in serious trouble by those that provide your access. More on that at a later date.

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  1. Bob Says:

    Dude, I SO agrre with you. Its ridiculous.

    Kinda like Happy Holidays. This is such crap. Now, mind you, I’m a Pagan, and a Norse Pagan at that. But this Happy Holidays crap offends me. Why? Because I grew up with Christmas. It was always Christmas. Its a holiday. A family holiday. So is Thanksgiving. But they don’t say Happy Fall Feast Day, do they?

    If someone was being “politically correct” to me, it would be “Good Jul”. But I take “Merry Christmas” for what it means. The wishing of a joyous holiday.

  2. Marcus Says:

    Glad we agree on that, Bob.

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