Macworld 2006 Keynote

It is about 28 minutes until Steve Jobs is scheduled to begin his keynote for this year’s Macworld. A few of the rumors flying about are a new Intel based notebook, FM transmitter in iPods, iLife/Work 06, and others. I don’t own a Mac currently, but I would love to have one. I’m really excited about what Steve could announce today. My main hope is the Intel machines will be low cost. Low cost means I could possibly get one. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the Apple store is offline. No doubt they are getting everything ready for the big announcements.

I’ll be posting portions of the keynote that I see via MacDailyNews. You can see all of MacDailyNews’ coverage at their homepage.

Things are starting to happen. is updating a lot better than MacDailyNews so I will try to bring updates from both below the fold.

Also note that I’m making changes to how I have this post displayed on the fly as I think of something I like better.

UPDATE 12:42: The keynote is over. Overall, I’m very impressed! It doesn’t look like the cheap laptop I was hoping for came into being, but I may still have to look into getting a Mac. Great job, Steve and Apple.

Any comment with (ed) after the time is something written by me. Some of the software updates aren’t exactly interesting to me so I’m just summarizing what is said in the feed. All times are for the West Coast.

10:42 am That’s it. We’ll be posting new stories shortly. Thanks to all who helped make this webcast possible.
10:41 am Shows pic of Jobs and Woz. will be 30 years in 4-1-2006.
10:40 am Thanks intel.
10:40 am Thanking people who walk out on stage. Lots of applause.
10:38 am Showing in the Intel ad one more time.
10:38 am Taking orders today.
10:37 am Shipping in February.
10:37 am 5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; $2499 1.83GHz.
10:35 am New feature: New Power Adapter is magnetically held in. If yanked, comes right out.
10:35 am IR sensor. Apple Remote.
10:33 am Demoing the new MacBook Pro.
10:33 am iSight Camera.
10:32 am 15.4inch LCD. bright as cinemas.
10:32 am Hair thinner than the 17″.
10:32 am Fastest notebook ever.
10:31 am 4-5x faster.
10:31 am 2 processors in every Macbook pro.
10:31 am No more Powerbook. Intel duo Core.
10:30 am New laptop computer.
10:30 am Today - MacBook Pro
10:30 am But power consuption. Now discussing Peformance per Watt.
10:29 am Showing a Powerbook G4. Trying to shoehorn a G5 into the Powerbook. We’ve done everyhing possible…
10:29 am “One More Thing…”
10:28 am “For years intel chips have been bored in a PC”
10:28 am “Intel Chip will be Set Free” (Mac Ad)
10:16 am - 10:28 am (ed) More tech info. Real interesting.
10:16 am showing benchmarks. overall 2-3x faster.
10:15 am Two cores. each one faster than the G5.
10:14 am Intel Core Duo. an amazing chip.
10:14 am Intel Processor. 2-3x faster than the iMac G5.
10:14 am Same sizes. 17″, 20″. Same design. Same features (isight, front row, apple remote), Same price. What’s different.
10:13 am No other desktop PC can match it.
10:12 am The iMac - built in isight camera. front row. incredible reception.
10:12 am The iMac - built in isight camera. front row. incredible reception.
10:12 am First Mac with Intel processor today.
10:12 am Thrilled with new technology from Intel. Paul Otellini leaves.
10:10 am Hard work, nights and weekends working… thanks Intel.
10:10 am Paul Otellini appears. Intel is ready. Apple is ready too.
10:09 am Intel Bunny suit guy walks out…
10:09 am Really good year for the Mac. Had previously announced that by June of this year they would be shipping Macs with Intel. How are we doing?
10:08 am Now… lets’ talk about systems… (ed ‘Bout time!)
10:08 am Some of the features in iWork ‘06. 3d charts, advanced image editing, image reflections, free form and masking, tables with calculations, new themes and templates. no demo, go check it out on the website. $79, also available today.
10:07 am iLife and .Mac. One more product… iWork ‘06.
10:06 am .Mac update. Now over 1 million subscribers.
10:06 am iLife ‘06 will be bundleded free on new Macs. (ed Awesome!)
10:06 am Available today.
10:05 am 6 iLife apps now. Same price $79.
10:04 am iWeb demo over.
9:57 am iWeb demo now.
9:56 am (ed) Work is picking back up so I’ll update this as I can.
9:55 am Easy and beautiful. Apple templates. iLife media browser with access to your content. online photo albums. one click publishing to .Mac.
9:54 am New App to share photos, movies, music, blogs, content… iWeb
9:53 am Great 5 apps in iLife… but something new…
9:49 am he’s got “Pretty good sources in Apple”
9:49 am Recording - “Hi, I’m Steve, welcome to my podcast of Super Secret Apple Rumors”
9:48 am Steve demoing Garageband with Podcast studio now.
9:47 am Garageband. New podcast studio. Podcast artwork track. over 200 free jingles and effects. speech enhanccer. use iChat for remote interviews.
9:46 am Magic iDVD, new
9:45 am Next Up… iDVD. Widescreen menus.
9:44 am Overall looks much improved. now demoing College Road trip video.
9:40 am Now onto iMovie… HD last year.
9:38 am (ed) Talking about the rest of Photocasting.
9:38 am Demoing Photocasting. picking pictures, click on Publish to upload to .Mac. Choose to Announce, and brings up mail to email to people.
9:37 am Now on to Photocasting…
9:26 am - 9:37 am (ed) Talking about iLife, iPhoto, and what you can do with them.
9:26 am Now talking about iLife. Picture of box with roll of film on it.
9:25 am New widgets today. Mac OS X 10.4.4 today. google widget, new address book, espn ,calendar.
9:17 am Works with current models. New radio screen on the iPod to tune radio through the iPod screen. $49
9:16 am Announcing a new accessory for the iPod. a remote control with FM Tuner.
9:15 am New Saturday Night Live content going up today.
9:08 am Retail Update.
9:07 am Steve Jobs on stage now

This site is refusing to load now. They must be swamped. I’m going to discontinue updates from them.
Apple Retail Stores pass $1 bln in quarter for first time.
One more rumor, from AppleInsider: “Intel iMac (17- and 20- inch) and the first 15-inch PowerBook renamed “Mac Book Pro” to ship next month.

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