I give up, y’all win (hotlinking update)

Well, it happened again. I was only two weeks into the month and I was already over my bandwidth. Hattip to Dad for pointing it out to me. Jon pulled a string or two and got service back to the domain. Thanks, Jon.

This is my official statement of defeat. The Myspace users, the MSN Spaces users, the users of some game in german that I can’t read win. You hotlinked and pirated me into defeat.

I have taken all my art off the domain. I cannot let ignorant people take advantage of me any longer. I may put all my art back up in the future. It will be in very small thumbnail form, but it may be back up.

4 Responses to “I give up, y’all win (hotlinking update)”

  1. dad Says:

    Cyber-vandalism and/or petty cyber-theft, that’s what it amounts to.

    They’re free to do as they wish, with no fear of consequence for their wrong-doing.

    And now they’re off to find their next unsuspecting victim, and the cycle begins again.

  2. Bob Says:

    fucking jackasses.

    I hate that crap.

  3. Marcus Says:

    Yeah, I know. I’m not pleased at all, Bob.

    Dad, as much as I love to tell you that you’re wrong (because you usually are, I mean. . .:P), you’re completely right.

    You know I am just kidding about the always wrong part, right? heh

  4. dad Says:

    I knew that.

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