WaPo Editorial Cartoon 29 January - Joint Chiefs Respond

On 29 January, the Washington Post ran an editorial cartoon by Tom Toles on page B6 that shows the true extent of the liberal bias in the paper. In the cartoon, Tooles showed an Army soldier with amputated arms and legs being attended to by “Dr. Rumsfield.” The soldier’s condition? “Battle hardened.”

The cartoon is completely out of line. Never should a wounded soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine be depicted in an editorial cartoon. I’m completely in favor of free speech, but you can cross the line as this cartoon did. The WaPo should be ashamed for allowing something like that cartoon to run in the paper.

I obtained a scan of the actual letter the Joint Chiefs of Staff are going to send to WaPo from Seamus. To use one of his phrases, he is “one of the good guys.” The letter came in three bitmaps I’ve converted to jpeg format and compiled into one html document. Since I don’t have any decent graphics tools here at work, this will have to do.

I humbly request that any and all bloggers willing to spread the news of this story do so.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this from the original email Seamus sent. A general grade officer close to the Joint Chiefs said the letter could run in Thursday’s WaPo.

With regard to the Washington Post’s response: They are processing the letter, and anticipate it will be in Thursday’s edition. That is not a guarantee, but a strong likelihood.

Good to go. I’ll be looking for it.

UPDATE 2: Oops, I had a typo in the title. Fixed.

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  1. The Uncooperative Blogger Says:

    WaPo Editorial Cartoon 29 January - Joint Chiefs Respond

  2. Bob Says:

    I was kinda disgusted with it myself. And I just don’t like Rumsfield at all, but this was just TOO much. There’s the honorable and loyal opposition, and then there is garbage like this. This stuff has just gone way too far.

    Mind you, neither party is innocent. CBS-gate and Swiftboat Veterans, to name two. That just got stupid.

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