To all who shall see these presents, greeting

The last couple of days I’ve been closely watching the cutting scores for the March 1st promotions. Thursday, the unofficial scores were posted on the Manpower site, and the score was under what I currently have. It looked like I was going to be promoted! The official scores were posted to MCTFS Friday during the day and everything still looked good to go. All I had to wait on was the select grade cycle Friday night to make it official.

This afternoon, I was at work to grab my cell phone charger, and I checked my grade screen in MCTFS. What I saw is exactly what I wanted.


I am currently selected for promotion to the rank of Corporal! I will be promoted on March 1st, and hopefully Anna will be able to attend to pin the new chevrons to my collar. I’m very excited about the promotion, and hopefull that warrants are ready for the ceremony.

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